Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tango is at the Rainbow Bridge....

I remember you as a young pup back in 1998, when Kiki didn't want anything to do with you.  When we had to use a playpen for you, till she realized you weren't going anywhere.  6 weeks to the day, she became your best friend and protector.

You were such a smart boy and grew so fast and big that you became my "big dog".  You were mischievous also, you loved to sneak into the garbage, you loved to run around the yard with KiKi.

You were our first German Shepherd and it was you that had me hooked on the breed.  So smart, loyal,  protective and friendly.  You would follow us everywhere.  You changed a little when Bear passed away, the playfulness died little, when Kiki left you, you became even more settled.  That was 3 years ago.

You took to the 2 new GSDs like they had been there as long as you.  Rogue doted on you by kissing you and cleaning your teeth.  Max would sniff you, just to make sure you were okay, I think.

In the last year we have watched you grow so grey in the muzzle, get a few extra lumps, get very unstable on your feet.  Along with a few times we thought we were going to lose you but you rebounded.  But not this time....

Today, we sent you on to meet Bear and Kiki, to be free of any pain and discomfort.  Your sad tired eyes and your body shutting down help us to make this very heart breaking decision.  Holding you as I cried and said goodbye and you closed your eyes for the last time, knowing you were at peace and pain free.  Please know that you were loved more than you realize.

I love you Big Dog, run free with Bear & KiKi, I will see you again....

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