Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year Begins.

It is now 2012, time for goals and change,  both personal & business.  We all usually put too much pressure on ourselves to obtain those unrealistic goals and to make changes.  This year, I've decided to relax some of pressure I put on myself and what I want to achieve.

Some of what I want to achieve with my businesses:
Improving my website by adding a lot more items
Listing more on eBay
Blogging more (try to)
Shopping more for items to sell

Some of my personal goals are:
To try to stay organized
Work with the dogs more
Work on cantering and jumping more
Lose some weight, a reasonable amount (nothing unrealistic)
Not let people get to me

Changes are hard to do within oneself when you have been feeling and doing for so long.  How does one change how their feelings react to others?  But changes in how one eats should be easy, but oh my goodness it's not!  I really want to change my eating habits.

Anyway, I hope we all accomplish in 2012 what we set out to do.

Happy New Year to everyone!